Tips for Making the Perfect Cup!

Size matters… the most important step in the brewing process is your grind size. 

Investing in a good quality grinder makes a huge difference for consistent particle sizes. Here are some tips: 

1. If you are finding that your coffee is too weak and slightly sour tasting, try a finer grind and use slightly cooler water.

2. If your coffee is too bitter and hollow tasting, go with a slightly coarser grind and use hotter water.


For french press and percolators
Coarse grind, the consistency of rough sand.
For drip coffee makers, cone shaped pour overs, Aeropress (3 min brew time) and Hario V60
Medium/medium fine, the consistency of beach sand.
For Espresso brewing, Aeropress (1-2 minute brew time,) moka pot
Fine Grind or Espresso Grind: slightly finer than table salt
For Turkish coffee
Extra Fine or Turkish, a similar texture to baking flour