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Coffee Lover's Guide to Christmas 2020


Today, we’re starting with the coffee aficionados on your list. To be fair, we had a little help with this one, courtesy of the good people over at Burnaby’s best new craft coffee roaster, Heights Coffee Co.

Heights was created by Rob and Garnet – two longtime North Burnaby locals – as a way to celebrate their passion for coffee roasting and pay tribute to their community. If you’ve never been, North Burnaby feels a bit like a small town. It has a long history, incredibly diverse residents, and the merchants that live there take a great deal of pride in their craft. It’s all watched over by the neighbourhood’s ‘swinging girl’ neon sign on Hastings Street – an iconic symbol that has found its way into Heights Coffee Co.’s branding and design elements.

That sense of craftsmanship and attention to detail is what Heights Coffee Co. takes into their unique roasting process. Instead of the more typical drum roasted method, their direct-sourced coffee beans are air roasted. Why is air roasting better? “It ensures that each and every bean is enveloped in consistent, clean, dry heat until it reaches its optimal temperature – while all the smoke by-product from roasting is whisked away.” Robert tells us. “Since the precious essential coffee oils stay inside the bean (and are not left on the surface of a hot metal drum), we’re able to produce pure, flavourful results every single time.” 

There’s a certain romance to hearing someone talk passionately about something they’re skilled at.  Alright guys, you’ve convinced us, lead the way.

For the perfect Christmas morning cup

Holiday Blend – Limited Edition (Medium / Dark)

This limited batch seasonal roast is pinnacle sipping when you’re watching the fireplace log channel in your housecoat. A premium medium / dark roast blend, it’s robust, smooth and incredibly aromatic. From the moment you open the bag – you’ll be treated to notes of dark cocoa, spiced plum pudding, and vanilla toffee. “Perfect on its own, or paired with Irish cream, liqueur, or even ice cream.”  Don’t delay on this one – it’s only available in December, then gone forever (or at least until next year).

Looking for something dark and stormy

Gilmore (Medium / Dark)

“Our darkest roast, it’s smooth and well-balanced, yet still full of flavour.”  With subtle hints of sweetness, this single-origin Guatemalan coffee is a fantastic option for espresso, and pairs nicely with milk and almond beverages. 

For the anti-morning person

Hastings (Medium)

Sourced from Sumatra, Indonesia, this is a bright and tasty roast that will bring wide-eyed wonder to any late risers. With flavours of stone fruit, chocolate, caramel, and sweet tobacco, it’s basically a sun salutation in liquid form. “An excellent choice for drip coffee, aeropress, pour-over, french press or medium espresso (amazing crema!).

For the locked down traveler 

Triple Crown (Medium / Dark)

Being grounded for months on end has been harder on some of us than others. This blend of beans from Brazil, Columbia, and Ethiopia will offer a bit of comfort to anyone who misses the open sky. An aggressive medium roast, Triple Crown is complex and bursting with flavour. Delicious notes of ripe stone fruit, currants, and silky milk chocolate will give pause to anyone you think might go off wandering.

For evenings or anytime!

Decaf (Medium)

Nobody wants to work over the holidays, but for those that can’t pry away from their spreadsheets, this won’t keep them up longer than they need to be. Heights gives extra care and attention to ensuring that their decaf is just as tasty as their full strength roster. Notes of milk chocolate, molasses, red apple, and sweet lemon, it’s a flavourful bouquet well worth entering “away” mode. 


A solid start! You can order any Heights Coffee from their online store for pickup or delivery,  or pick them up from fellow Burnaby businesses like Truffle Pig ChocolateGlenburn Soda FountainPosh Pantry, and LocalBloom

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